Dictionary Data Type in MATLAB

A dictionary is useful for a fast lookup of values in a larger set. A dictionary is a map that stores data as values, which can be accessed using corresponding unique keys. Each pair of keys and values is an entry. Before MATLAB R2022b, there is not an official dictionary data type. Though you can use Map Containers as an alternative. It is not very convenient in our daily work.

Using MATLAB for AprilTag detecting

AprilTags are conceptually similar to QR Codes, in that they are a type of two-dimensional bar code. However, they are designed to encode far smaller data payloads (between 4 and 12 bits), allowing them to be detected more robustly and from longer ranges. Image from University of Michigan AprilTag is a visual fiducial system popular in robotics research. When we do some work related to ROS or something needed to be labeled, there is AprilTag.

Mapping toolbox in MATLAB for easily plotting and analysis

Mapping Toolbox™ provides algorithms and functions for transforming geographic data and creating map displays. You can visualize your data in a geographic context, build map displays from more than 60 map projections, and transform data from a variety of sources into a consistent geographic coordinate system. As we all know, MATLAB provides a lot of toolboxes like Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox™, Mapping Toolbox™ e.g. These toolboxes have many algorithms and functions for ease of our daily work and study.